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Yoga People Transformation

We are an organization dedicated to the human development and training of Yoga teachers as a guide to strengthen personal power. Our mission is to create Yoga Schools in South America as a social entrepreneurship program.

At Ananda Laie we believe each person should be their own leader and make their your life the best it can be. We encourage you to call on the warrior spirit when needed, but also to rest in a state of surrender, acceptance, contentment and gratitude for what is. 

In Spain Ananda Laie currently has Yoga School  in Fuengirola.

Namaste and Welcome

Francesca Jerez

Meet the founder

Francesca Jerez 

Although Francesca Jerez was born in Spain she grew up in  Sweden, where her immigrant parents decided to start a new life in the early 60th far from the dictatorship of General Franco that was ruling Spain. Her father, Antonio Jerez, was at heart an adventurer, who had sailed around the world and a skilled entrepreneur, two attributes that were glued to her own life at a very early age. She has traveled around the world for more than 10 years as an air hostess and worked for many years, until 2007, as a real estate investment broker and developer.

The year 2008, after the big property crash, was the year of transformation for Francesca. Her decision to dedicate her life to create social entrepreneurship projects and the long road she has transited during the last 10 years, taking her from Argentina to Paraguay to Uruguay and Brazil, is a fascinating story and will one day be published in the autobiography she is writing.  

Her encounter with Yoga happens in Bali year 2017. The insight that yoga and meditation (together with other alternative sciences) holds life-transforming tools,  inspires her to conscious, sustainable projects and decides to create the organization Ananda Laie,  whose mission is to create leadership yoga teacher training schools in  South America and so use the tools of yoga and meditation -effective tools for self-awareness as well as tools for remaining grounded in the face of conflict- and transform lives of poverty-stricken youth in South America.

Francesca currently lives in Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain, and can be seen in the yoga studio in Fuengirola and on-site with Global Nomad festivals.

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